Why Rivaz

… if I’m in love ?

Because it’s paradise. You’ll feel pampered, in a house prepared just for you. You’ll sleep late, relax, enjoy the view, and dinner in restaurants on the lake shore.. our guests often say that this is a romantic love nest !

… if I’m traveling for work ?

Location : you’re quite close to either Vevey/Montreux or Lausanne – and Geneva’s city center is only 1h30 away. From the house, you can get on the motorway in five minutes – unless you prefer to ride the swiss trains ! Quality of life : there’s nothing like coming back home from work to this small house and relax for a while on the terrace while you’re deciding on your plans for the evening. Of course there’s a good internet connection, available over wifi, so you can upload your last novel to your editor directly, once you’re done writing it. Promise, you won’t regret the proverbial hotel room !

… if I’m visiting relatives in the area ?

The Vevey/Montreux area is home to many expatriates, so we often have guests visiting relatives or family in the area. Be close to your loved ones, but don’t sacrifice your holiday, you can be fully independent when you’re based in our holiday house !

… if I’m on holidays with the kids ?

Because there are so many activities for kids in the area, from kitchen courses to workshops in the museums, exhibitions tailored for kids, walks on the lake shores, old carrousels, zoo, swimming pool, open water swimming, sailing, ski, walks in the vineyards or in “middle mountain” (no special equipment required), fishing, shopping for girls etc – No matter the weather, you’ll find something to do in the area that your kids will enjoy !

… if I like hiking ?

If you like to walk, there are dozens of trails between the vineyards, villages and towns… and the mountain is close if you want to see the lake from high above !

… if I’m culturally inclined ?

There are many places you’ll want to visit in the area : museums, concert halls, festivals. At any moment there is something going on nearby !

Rules of the house

  • Please never-ever smoke inside the house ! There is an ashtray on the terrace, and the cigarettes taste better outside while you’re enjoying the view.
  • The house can be used for residential purposes only ; it can not be sublet to parties.
  • The house cannot be used by more persons at a time than specified above.
  • If further persons intend to use the house in the number exceeding the maximum number of guests specified, it requires our approval.


How will I find the house ?

On your arrival, the beds are done up. We provide the sheets, the bathroom and kitchen towels. Please make sure to take your own towels for the beach ! There is some basic food available in the kitchen like oil and vinegar, spices, coffee and tea. When our guests leave they replace what they used and sometimes they leave something for the next guests as well if they don’t feel like travelling with it.

The cushions on the couch are not the ones in the pictures ! How come ?

Sophie is always moving stuff around the house, trying new things, playing deco stunts etc. so change does happen, but the spirit stays !


Where shall I park my car while I’m staying in the holiday house ?

We’ll give you a personal pass for an underground parking space, close to the house. And since there is a vineyard right on the top of the parking, we might even need to show you where it is !

What if I don’t have a car ? Shall I travel by train ?

It is very easy to reach us by train, and you certainly don’t need a car during your stay, as many of our guests already confirmed. The railway station is a 5 minutes walk from the house, and there is one train per hour in both the direction of Vevey or Lausanne. We will also give you a pass for the train, so you can travel freely between Lausanne and Montreux.


Where can I buy food ?

The closest grocery shops are in Chexbres, reachable by foot if you’re not afraid to walk up the hill. There’s a “Coop”, bakeries, banks, restaurants and various shops, some of them also open on Sundays. If you want more choice, just head to Vevey where you will find supermarkets, and a market of fruits, vegetables and other local foods on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

Wine tasting (and buying)

There are many vinyards in the village. Sometimes you can pass by the wine cave and buy some wine, sometimes you’ll want to arrange for a visit in advance. We have our favorites, neighbours, friends… we’ll be happy to advise you !